The Bedtime Song (Sing to Your Baby)

I’ve heard of all sorts of bedtime routines. everything from reading stories (highly recommended!) to watching TV (facepalm!). I outlined ours in my very first post here. If you notice, step 4 for us is a bedtime song. Currently, Joey’s favorite is the song from this classic Christmas story:

I don’t usually sing it falsetto, but it’s sure funny when I do. Anyway, we’ve been working on this one alone for the last 3 months or so. It works out well. I sing like 2 verses of it and that’s it. But it wasn’t always this way. I remember when bedtime song time went more like this:

Unfortunately, it didn’t end with a final, simple “Goodnight,” like it did in the Veggie Tales video.

Why Sing Bedtime Songs

If you don’t sing to your toddler at night, I recommend you do for a few good reasons.

  1. It calms them down–There’s nothing like a parent’s soothing voice to comfort and slow down their wound up kid.
  2. It can help them develop language skills–There’s plenty of research out there suggesting singing to babies helps prepare their brain for language development.
  3. Sometimes they fall asleep during the song–Yes, the idea is to get them to bed on their own. But sometimes they pass out cold during the bedtime song and shorten the entire process for you.

What to Remember When Singing a Bedtime Song


Remember that the bedtime song is a time for you to set the mood for sleep. That means you need to choose your song wisely. There are certain songs Joey will ask me to sing that are simply too upbeat for bedtime. I just tell her, “No, that’s not a bedtime song. Let’s try _____ instead.” She usually goes right along with it.

Also, when singing, try and use a soft, whispery voice. Doing so will help those eyes grow tired and heavy, increasing the odds that your kid will doze off with ease when you decide to make your exit.

Remember, It’s All About Attention

Your kid wants your time and that;s the way it should be. Show them some positive attention at bedtime through song and reap the rewards. Just don;t overdo it.

What songs do you sing to your kids at night? Tell us all about them in the replies!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of imagerymajestic/

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7 responses to “The Bedtime Song (Sing to Your Baby)

  1. We start with Itsy Bitsy or Wheels on the bus because those are her favorites and they are active songs and we end with more mellow like Twinkle Twinkle or Rock A Bye Baby. We then read two or three books or the same one a few times, turn the lights off and snuggle for a few minutes then I kiss her good night.
    I think your blog was a great idea because as much as we do a consistent routine we our daughter things are always changing and I love hearing from others, what works and what doesn’t. We have to start getting our four month old to sleep through the night. She goes down 7 to 7 but still wakes twice to eat. Our first started sleeping through the night by then and if she did wake it was only once. Any advice?

    • How long does that entire routine take?

      Yeah, the thing is, as you’re finding out, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, as of late, our 3 year old has been waking repeatedly during the night. I’m not sure what’s going on. Let me ask you this–do you give the four month old a bottle right before bed? Or do you let them fall asleep with a bottle?

      • I’m still nursing, but she falls asleep on her own. I put her down and she actually sucks her thumb to self sooth and passes out.
        Even once my oldest started taking bottles I never let her fall asleep with it. That’s a habit that I’ve hard is too hard to break.

      • How often do you feed the baby during the day? I’ve read that I you feed them too often, they get used to eating “on demand” so they’ll wake up more during the night. That said, if you feed often, you could maybe try lengthening the time between daytime feedings.

  2. I’ve re-discovered the nursery rhymes of my childhood with my second child – he asks for songs constantly, and he sings in the morning immediately on waking (he’s two). It makes 6am bearable to at least hear him sing in key. We started with Lavender’s Blue and You Shall Have a Fishy and moved on to kind of old-fashioned things like “Sleep Baby Sleep (Your Father Tends the Sheep)” and “All the Pretty Horses.” I can’t believe how he loves the old folk melodies. Found them all here – you can download .mp3s:

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